Active Learning

This is a type of action-oriented teaching. Our active learning experiences and activities seek to implant concepts, values and messages through the participant’s action, participation and experience.

Core Business

In the business world, this refers to all activities that have the capacity to generate value, which is essential in order to achieve a highly beneficial competitive advantage for the company.

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement or Employee Engagement refers to the bond between employees and the company. We apply these concepts to all activities that help to strengthen and improve this relationship.

Corporate Meetings

It is understood as Corporate Meetings or Business Meetings.


This is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of the game to the corporate-educational-professional environment in order to expand and improve results. Gamification is used to absorb knowledge, improve it or develop specific skills in a relaxed, immersive and participatory manner through play.


This stands for Research + Development + Innovation.


In business, inputs are all the factors involved in the production of a good or service (output).


This stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e., the company’s programme of involvement in social, environmental and environmental projects.

Smart Activities

Smart Activities are developed and adapted to address certain values and work on them efficiently and productively.

Smart Apps

Smart Apps are designed to work on specific aspects, values and skills within our working group. Smart Apps are the basis of smart activities.

Team Building

Team Building is a collective term for a set of activities that aims to form high performance teams and improve interpersonal relationships within a group.


This stands for Virtual Reality.


These are short workshops (between one and two hours) with different types of activities and objectives. In our case the workshops are adapted to our clients’ needs and preferences.