Corporate Social Responsibility actions as a sign of your ethical and coherent commitment, measuring the management of impacts with a view to permanence.

CSR initiatives and dynamics

What is CSR?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the set of actions that companies adopt to ensure that their activities have a positive impact on society, an ethical relationship of the company promoting values and actions with positive effects for various disadvantaged, unequal, marginalised or mistreated circles. These circles cover a wide spectrum from social to environmental.

At Creativando we are heavily involved and strongly committed to companies that have an active CSR plan. That is why we offer dynamic services, experiences, activities and initiatives that help companies to make their CSR projects tangible.

Read our blog to discover more about our CSR experiences.

Trash Challenge: a sustainable beach cleaning challenge in Malaga

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Trash Challenge: a sustainable beach cleaning challenge in Malaga By combining a Team Building activity with a CSR action such as the Trash Challenge, the result is a very comprehensive business initiative that benefits both company employees and the environment. Companies are increasingly aware of the pollution problem we are facing, a problem that affects us all as a society, the environment and, ultimately, [...]

CSR actions for your Team Building activities

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CSR actions for your Team Building activities More and more companies are interested in learning more about Corporate Social Responsibility actions and how they can implement them. The reason is clear: introducing CSR activities in the right way brings multiple benefits to the company, society and the environment. By carrying out CSR actions together with Team Building activities in the company, you will do [...]

Charity Chain!

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Charity Chain! Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding activities we have carried out this past year took place in Barcelona. A fun and interesting Corporate Social Responsibility activity for all three parties; donors, organisers and recipients. We travelled from the south of Spain to the Catalan capital to make the wishes of a well-known pharmaceutical company [...]

Charity 4 x 4 Route

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Charity 4 x 4 Route Once again this year, with the Christmas season approaching, we joined forces with AMG to plan a charity adventure. AMG is very committed and aware of the importance and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility. On this occasion they asked us for adventure, engines and donations. Aware of our clients’ needs, we got straight [...]

Christmas with values

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Christmas with values CSR activities are a unique opportunity to convey your company's values to your employees and demonstrate your corporate commitment to society. Every company has a Corporate Social Responsibility plan and, within it, Creativando has a lot to say, because charity activities are a great way to put your CSR plan into practice. The Christmas with values [...]

Escape room for children

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Escape room for children Escape rooms are a very interesting way to work on values, objectives and even to carry out employee evaluations or job interviews. When an important aeronautical company contacted us asking for something different that could fit in with their CSR strategy, whilst looking for an innovative experience, we knew exactly what to offer: our personalised escape room. In [...]