The Art of Bonsai

If you love gardening, the oriental world and handicrafts, you might love this activity: The Art of Bonsai.

Basically, we offer a workshop for those who love meticulous work, detail and nature, in which you will learn the basics of transplanting, pruning, wiring, clipping and modelling. You will also learn the terms, presentations and basic concepts of the discipline from an expert.

A unique and very interesting proposal adapted to modern times.

Welcome to the art of bonsai!

  • The activity can be carried out in two ways:
    • Online masterclass: Simply an explanatory class on bonsai, where participants will attend passively.
    • Online experience: In this case, in addition to attending the online class, you will receive a kit with everything you need to work with bonsai.
  • The activity will take place online, through a virtual room where you will be able to follow all the teacher’s instructions.
  • There will be live interaction and the opportunity to ask questions and clear up any doubts.

The aim is to learn new concepts and skills in this discipline through a virtual meeting.

A different kind of masterclass, very interesting and educational.


  • Online activity

  • Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes

  • Each person will receive their kit at home.

  • Location: indoor or outdoor.

Characteristics of this online activity

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