Healthy Masterclass

At the Healthy Masterclass you will become a true master of alchemy for an hour, as you learn how to mix different ingredients in the healthiest way possible.

Our professional will give you guidelines to learn how to combine food, the relationship between food and emotions and, of course, they will provide you with some detox recipes.

First, you will learn what detox foods are, how these recipes work and why they have become so popular.

Once all these basics have been explained, you will learn about varieties and recipes for smoothies and natural juices, as well as detox drinks.

Welcome to our Healthy Masterclass:

  • The activity can be carried out in two ways:
    • Online masterclass: Simply an explanatory class on bonsai, where participants will attend passively.
    • Online experience: In this case, in addition to attending the online class, participants will receive a kit with everything they need to make the smoothies and products.
  • The activity will take place online, through a virtual room where you will be able to follow all the instructions live.
  • There will be constant interaction with the monitor who will explain everything.

If you are interested in healthy living, balanced nutrition and learning more about how your body works and reacts depending on the “fuel” you give it, this is the workshop for you.



  • Online activity

  • Educational activity

  • Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes

  • Location: indoor or outdoor.

Characteristics of this online activity

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