Gastronomic Day – Let’s Cook!

We have organised an activity for the whole family. Thanks to this new edition of our Gastronomic Day you will be able to enjoy an online cooking competition from the comfort of your own home with your family, in which you will compete with other colleagues in real time via a video call.

Participants must have the ingredients ready to start cooking. Our Chef will welcome everybody and will guide you step by step so that you can see how to prepare the food that you will then have to make. At the end of the activity, our Chef will name one of the groups as the winner.

A fun, immersive, family-friendly competition that will leave you wanting more.

This activity is 100% customisable and adaptable to any of your needs.


  • Activity designed to be carried out at home as a family.

  • This activity lasts approximately 2 hours. Although it can be customised and adapted.

  • Our Chef will be connected with the participants at all times and everyone will be connected in real time.

  • Challenges can be customised, as can the content of the recipes and dishes or the way of competing.

  • Once the activity is finished, everyone will vote for the most elaborate and best presented dish. The chef, who will also vote, will announce the results to the group after the voting has taken place.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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