Stop Motion

Stop Motion, also known as volume animation or frame animation, is an animation technique that consists of making static objects appear to move by means of a series of successive still images. And that is precisely what our activity consists of. Divided into teams, each team will have an iPad and a tripod to take the necessary pictures for the creation process.  Each team will have to create a story, choose a title and prepare everything necessary to adapt the animation for each shot.

At the end, a gala will be held where all the animations will be screened and an award will be given to the winning team.

A gamification activity to develop creativity, group cohesion and efficiency.


  • Groups of approx. 5 – 8 people will be formed.

  • A briefing will be given to explain the dynamics and concepts of Stop Motion.

  • Each team will be given an iPad, a tripod and material to develop the animation.

  • Projection system required.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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