Dramatised Tour

Learning about the history of a city is much more interesting if it is presented by its historical figures.

Explore the most emblematic sites of your destination while you are accompanied and approached by historical characters, who will reveal the stories and intricacies hidden in every corner of the city. Emblematic neighbourhoods, historic buildings, ancient monuments and surprising places in each destination that you will now have the chance to visit. Mix culture, folklore and history.

Not only will our actors show you the most typical and well-known places, but they will also help you to discover the less touristy, quieter and most enchanting parts of the destination.

A cultural and recreational activity that will delight the audience.


  • You will visit the most emblematic places in the city.

  • Recommended duration of two hours (adaptable).

  • Possibility of a general dramatised route of the location or a route with a storyline.

  • You can go on the tour with guides and spots for actors or with the actors acting as guides.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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