Experiences shape and define our daily attitude. We ensure unforgettable moments that foster a feeling of bonding with your company.

More Experiences

¡Abracadabra! Un workshop mágico, by Creativando

Abracadabra! A Magic Workshop

When organising a corporate event, event managers seek to surprise and create a unique experience, something that will be hard to forget. This is possible thanks to Abracadabra!

During this workshop you will work on close-up magic so that your participants enjoy themselves as an audience and, later on, as performers.

Thanks to magic you will be able to work on and develop different skills of each participant.

Aventura en Segway, by Creativando

Segway Adventure

Discovering a city or a village by Segway is an adventure that many people have already experienced.

We suggest a route, a tour, to find the most emblematic places in the destination you have chosen in a new and interesting way, while the group leader gives you information about the streets and places you visit.

Bingo musical, by Creativando

Musical Bingo

If you are looking for something to do after a dinner, lunch or just for the simple fact of enjoying a unique experience, then you should try our musical bingo.

In this experience we mix music and bingo to ensure you have a fun, relaxed and enjoyable time.

Let loose while the music plays and keep an eye on your bingo sheet, any chorus can give you a victory.

Body percussion workshop, by Creativando

Body Percussion Workshop

A unique workshop in which your body will be the protagonist. The correct synchrony of your movements will produce sounds, thus creating music.

Following the instructions of our professionals, each participant will work on a different musical segment.

By joining them together, the ensemble will create a musical rhythm that will surprise the participants themselves.

Prepare your limbs, tune your bodies and play!

Buggy Race, by Creativando

Buggy Race

If you want to surprise your attendees with adventure and adrenaline, Buggy Race is the perfect choice for your event.

On board our two-seater buggies and with the necessary safety, couples will drive the vehicles through ravines, roads, vineyards and different types of terrain, depending on the location requested for the experience.

Caminito del Rey, by Creativando

Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is a path built into the walls of Los Gaitanes Gorge in the province of Malaga. We offer you the chance to visit this marvellous enclave that will take your breath away.

Casino gourmet, by Creativando

Gourmet Casino

Gourmet casino is a fun dining experience and something totally different from what you are used to.

Attendees will be able to enjoy different types of tastings, tasting different gourmet products and betting on each of the stalls.

Something different to enjoy a unique experience in the company of others.

Coctelería Masterclass, by Creativando

Cocktail Masterclass

At our cocktail masterclass you will learn how to make cocktails, of course, but we will also tell you more about the history and origins of cocktails.

At this Masterclass, which will leave you thirsty for more, you will be able to test the knowledge acquired during the course, creating your own cocktail at the end, to which you will have to add the appropriate ingredients and decide on a name for it.

Who knows? Maybe your creation will go down in cocktail history.

Masterclass en Astronomía , by Creativando

Astronomy Masterclass

If you are looking for an activity to enjoy in open-air venues after a gala dinner, our astronomy masterclass will be the cherry on top of an unforgettable evening, because the experience of contemplating the night sky, recognising and locating the main celestial and astronomical bodies, will be unique…

When astronomy is properly contemplated and understood, it is bound to amaze you.

Mehari Experience, by Creativando

Mehari experience

There are many experiences, but very few like driving our meharis.

If you want to spend a day enjoying the experience, the driving and the thrill of a route in this legendary vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this experience.

Pilgrimage, a Creativando activity

Horse Riding

There are few things as rewarding as being in contact with animals.

Horse riding is a must-do experience, something unique and unforgettable for those who try it.

No matter which location you choose, we are certain that the bond between you and the animal and nature will make the ride a real delight. Don’t miss out.

Rafting, by Creativando


In inflatable boats of 4 to 8 people and with a specialised guide, the adventure of descending the rapids of a white-water river becomes the highlight of any day.

Andalusia is the perfect place for active and adventure tourism; we offer this unforgettable experience for all those who are brave enough to venture into these waters.



If you like water activities but risk is not your thing, we also offer a wonderful experience on board one of our boats.

Our regattas are the perfect experience for you and your team to enjoy a relaxed and leisurely day of sailing.

Risoterapia, by Creativando

Laughter Therapy

If your corporate meeting days are purely business, are too formal and you need your team to disconnect and interact in a more relaxed setting, our laughter therapy workshop will bring your group together in a fun and different way.

Through the use of body language, dance, different speaking skills and games, the workshop will have more than one participant in tears… from laughter, of course.

Ruta en bici, by Creativando

Bike Ride

It’s fun, it’s sustainable, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s a nice gentle pace and it allows you to enjoy the city. There is no doubt that cycling is in fashion. More and more people are taking up this sport that allows them to cycle around incredible places with unbeatable views.

Our guided bike tour with professional instructors is the best way to do sport in a fun, unique way and also to get to know the local history and monuments.

GPS Adventure, aCreativando team building activity

Guided Tours

In the eyes of tourists, you can’t enjoy a city the same if you don’t have someone to tell you about the main local landmarks, provide you with historical information about the city, or tell you about the local legends and myths.

In order to discover your destination and visit it in the hands of qualified professionals, we suggest you take one of our guided tours.

Creativando - Activities - Workshops - Oil Tasting

Wine Tasting and Cellar Master Workshop

The history of Spain and the history of wine are closely linked. In this workshop you will learn about the types of wines that you will later be able to taste. To do so, an expert will show you how to taste each of the wines and will recommend the pairings to be associated with each tasting. Next, the participants will learn what a venencia is and what it was traditionally used for in the world of winemaking.

This gastronomic workshop will impress everyone.

Vintage Car Experience, by Creativando

Vintage car experience

Our vintage car tour is the perfect addition to give your event attendees an unforgettable experience.

A convoy of turn-of-the-century cars will pick up attendees and they will experience the thrill of touring the city in these iconic vehicles.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, by Creativando

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is something everyone should experience in their lifetime.

This activity starts early, but the early start will be well worth it, as the views and the experience of flying over the chosen location will be the highlight of the day.

Once back on the ground, you will enjoy a picnic breakfast and receive your flight certificate.

Zen Masterclass, una actividad de Creativando

Zen Masterclass

When talking about Zen philosophy, it usually refers to a very wide range of Buddhist schools and practices. At the Zen masterclass you will be able to disconnect and enjoy relaxing your body and mind through different practices.

To do so, participants will try disciplines such as Tai Chi, yoga or Kobido, a facial massage technique.

At the Zen masterclass you will not only enjoy a team activity, but at the end of the day you will also experience a sense of wellbeing and physical calmness that will allow you to continue with your day in a totally different way. Welcome to the Zen Masterclass!

Zumba Masterclass, una actividad de Creativando

Zumba Masterclass

An activity to give it your all. A masterclass where energy, teamwork and group cohesion are key to enjoying the final result.

Thanks to our instructors, the group will enjoy all the energy and motivation of a Zumba class, starting with some basic steps and gradually increasing rhythm, movements and synchronisation. The aim of the activity is to learn Zumba and choreograph a routine as a team.

The idea is to increase the difficulty of the choreographies to be performed throughout the workshop.

Why does Creativando differentiate Experiences like this?

  • Creative workshops: Creativando workshops will encourage participants to develop their manual and creative skills, encouraging them to learn new disciplines.

  • Adventure activities: Activities that seek strong emotions, surrounded by a playful atmosphere but designed to encourage teamwork and cooperation among participants.

  • Exciting experiences: Exciting activities designed for participants to enjoy fun and spectacular moments, as part of incentive trips for companies.

  • Emotions: Activities and trips organised within a world of strong emotions, fun and promotion of corporate values.

  • Learning: Activities and workshops designed for participants to learn a particular discipline: music, handicrafts, cookery…

  • Interactive: Modern, technological and digital activities. Designed to immerse participants in a virtual world, using iPads, drones and 3D. In addition to their spectacular nature and fun, these activities are perfect for working on Team Building values or for completing an incentive trip.

  • Cultural: Our aim with these activities and visits is to familiarise business trip participants with Andalusian culture. They are designed to show aspects of Andalusian and Spanish culture in a practical, fun and participatory way, while promoting business values.

  • Gastronomy: Gastronomy is at the heart of social events, so these activities are perfect for team building and fostering cohesion among employees. All this, while tasting traditional dishes or learning how to make them at home.

  • Music: Music tames the wild and turns any activity into a party. These activities are based on rhythms and sound to achieve team building and encourage participants’ creativity.

  • Nature: There is no better location for Team Building activities than nature. It provides stunning scenery while allowing us to create activities to test participants’ abilities.

  • Creativity: As well as learning to work as part of a team, participants will improve their manual skills and develop their creativity.

  • Indoor activities: Indoor activities, for bad weather, when you can’t move or when you need to be inside your facilities, there are no limits!

  • Outdoor activities: Nature, city, beach… The possibilities for outdoor Team Building activities are endless. We can create any activity to have fun while promoting company values with your team. Outdoor activities are spectacular.

  • Indoor/Outdoor activities: These activities can be carried out anywhere because they have no fixed location. They can be held both indoors and outdoors, depending on our client’s needs and preferences.