Themed dinners

Themed dinners are a very interesting alternative for your event. A dinner is not the same as a themed dinner, inspired by one of the many options we offer. Medieval knights, Roman soldiers, Arabian dancers, cowboys from the Wild West, Seville’s April Fair, Andalusian Dinner,… with all kinds of surprises for the attendees to experience exclusive and unforgettable moments.

  • Game of Thrones

  • White chill out party

  • Hippie world

  • Rural party

  • Far east

  • Viva México!

  • Andalusian party

  • Seville’s April fair

  • Africa

  • Venetian carnival

  • Medieval party

  • Roman party

  • Casino Party

  • Circus party

  • Sailor’s party

  • Welcome to cabaret!

  • Futuristic party

  • Troglodyte party

  • Wild West

  • Pirates!

  • Viking party

  • Circus of horrors

  • Hollywood theme

  • “The golden years” party

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