GPS Adventure

This activity involves teamwork, coordination and competition.

With the help of an aerial photo and GPS, participants must look for different marked points that contain different challenges. The teams will measure their aim, coordination, speed and different skills thanks to the different challenges that our monitors will present them with. With each challenge they overcome, participants will obtain different pieces to solve the final hieroglyphic once they have completed all the challenges.

A Team Building activity that is easy to combine with other types of gamified proposals, motivational presentations and coaching or Smart Apps.

A fully customisable adventure to enhance your Core Business and foster group cohesion.


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: 12 pax (Teams of 6-8 participants will be formed).

  • Test location: Outdoors (This activity is specifically designed to be carried out in all types of locations: city, beach, mountains, pine forest, etc…).

  • Duration of the activity: 2.5 hours (including time to explain the test).

  • Includes a Roadbook, maps, GPS, identification material, backpacks with material and Creativando staff to coordinate and organise the activity.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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