Black Light

The aim of this Team Building activity is to experience new sensations, either in a yoga or Zumba class or simply by decorating a painting.

First, in addition to forming teams, we will give a brief explanation of what black light is and how the paint behaves, so that the participants understand the “Wow” factor they are looking for in the second part of the activity.

This activity has several variants:

Black Light Show

Black Light is a Team Building activity focused on team cohesion and integration.

To do this, we will give a brief explanation of what black light paint is and how it behaves in the light, so that participants understand the “Wow” factor that they are looking for in the second part of the activity.

Black Light art Gallery

An art gallery? Yes, but totally different from what you are used to. Using Glow paints and divided into teams, each team must decide what to paint. Once the pictures have been painted, they will be exhibited as an art gallery so that the different teams or the jury (you can choose the voting system) can vote for the best painting.

Black Light Flash Mob

A flash mob consists of the staging of a group choreography, previously rehearsed. What would happen if black light were applied to this? Well, it gives our activity the WOW factor.

Black Light Yoga

Divided into teams, each team must represent an element (fire, earth, air and water). Once this has been decided, each team must choose how to represent that element and decorate either their clothes or the visible parts of their body (face, arms, chest, back). After painting, gathered in a room, the lights will be turned off and everyone will follow the instructors’ movements.

At Creativando we are committed to creative and original Team Building activities, totally tailored to your needs.


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: 15 pax (Teams of 6-8 participants will be formed).

  • Test location: Indoors.

  • Includes material to make the designs and decorations.

  • Duration of the activity: According to the client’s needs (1 hour minimum).

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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