Light Painting

Light painting is a fabulous Team Building activity to promote team cohesion. If your team likes creativity and photography, they will love this group activity.

Divided into teams, we will start with some basic notions of photography to learn first-hand how a reflex camera works and how light behaves in front of it.

From there, camera in hand and with our light painting kit, you simply need to let your imagination run wild and look for the most unique ideas to make your photographs look spectacular. Once the photographs have been taken, you will have to work on exhibiting your work in order to get as many points as possible.

If you were looking for a totally new activity, this is it: light painting!


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: 15 pax (Teams of 4-6 participants will be formed).

  • Test location: Outdoor / Indoor.

  • Duration of the activity: According to the client’s needs. If outdoors, it must be at dusk.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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