Escape Game

Escape Game is an activity to test your nerves, logic and communication skills. Using the city as a playground, you will try to win the game over time and solve the mysteries of the game.

A fun and exciting smart activity that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Welcome to Escape game – The killer’s trap

  • Each team will have its own iPad.
  • The activity can take place at a hotel or outdoors. During the first phase, you must look for evidence, clues, etc…
  • Once you have gathered the information, you will have to go back to the starting point to discover who the killer is.
  • Meeting room and audio required.

To reach the finish line, the different teams must solve puzzles, tests, riddles and follow the trail using their iPad. They will find a map where they can follow the trail of the criminal’s last clues.

A gymkhana combined with escape room to ensure that your attendees have a great time.


  • Teams of up to 8 people.

  • Each team will have its own iPad.

  • Location: Indoor / Outdoor.

  • The activity includes: an iPad for each team, identification scarves, backpacks, notepads, pencils, erasers, test material, coordinators, organisation, set-up and clear-up and accreditation certificate.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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