Charity 4 x 4 Route

Once again this year, with the Christmas season approaching, we joined forces with AMG to plan a charity adventure. AMG is very committed and aware of the importance and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility.

On this occasion they asked us for adventure, engines and donations. Aware of our clients’ needs, we got straight to work. The result was a 4×4 route with a very special finale.

Starting from the AMG centre in Dos Hermanas, on board our 4×4 vehicles – one car for every four people – we set off on a route along the banks of the Guadalquivir, enjoying the nature, landscape and experience of travelling through the rice fields of Seville to reach the lower Guadalquivir – now in the province of Cadiz – and finishing in Sanlúcar de Barrameda through the Algaida pine forest.

In addition to the adventure of travelling along Carril del Practico, the rice fields and the natural environment, the gateway to Doñana via Seville, the participants were in for more than one surprise.

To begin with, along the route there were several stops at key points, viewpoints where the participants could rest and admire the view and the landscape. In addition, at these stops, they were able to play and compete in small mini-games that the organisation had prepared for them.

After so much physical effort, of course, we had to stop along the way to recover our strength with omelettes and other tasty snacks.

The end of the day was the icing on the cake: two huge chests full of material to be donated to an NGO for children at risk of exclusion and a financial donation to a greyhound shelter.

Our attendees had a great time, we had a great time helping them in their charitable efforts and the recipients of the aid expressed their gratitude. These are all reasons why we love CSR activities.