Team Building Solidario

Escape room for children

Escape rooms are a very interesting way to work on values, objectives and even to carry out employee evaluations or job interviews.

When an important aeronautical company contacted us asking for something different that could fit in with their CSR strategy, whilst looking for an innovative experience, we knew exactly what to offer: our personalised escape room.

In addition to providing a unique and fun activity for the attendees, the idea was to contribute to a charitable cause, helping disadvantaged children while emphasising the company’s own values. For this purpose we contacted the organisation Crecer Con Futuro, which is devoted to caring for disadvantaged children at risk of exclusion and with family problems.

The escape room project was underway. We knew who the action was for and who would carry it out. All that was left was to figure out exactly what we were going to do.

Based on the idea that the dynamics of escape rooms consists of deciphering, finding and solving different clues and riddles, we decided to focus the CSR experience on a participatory escape room where each member plays a fundamental role, being a key player in achieving the objectives.

We chose the Hippodrome in Dos Hermanas as the venue for this activity, the perfect place to showcase the story we had created about the Three Wise Men and the gift-giving industry.

Once the escape room had been solved and the central enigma deciphered, each team had to find the different pieces of each of the six bicycles that the children from Crecer Con Futuro were going to receive at the hippodrome.

The attendees enjoyed and valued their company’s social contribution, as well as the involvement shown with the day and the initiative.