Tendencias de Team Buillding para 2018

Trash Challenge: a sustainable beach cleaning challenge in Malaga

By combining a Team Building activity with a CSR action such as the Trash Challenge, the result is a very comprehensive business initiative that benefits both company employees and the environment.

Companies are increasingly aware of the pollution problem we are facing, a problem that affects us all as a society, the environment and, ultimately, the planet. This has led many companies to decide to do their bit by cleaning up and recycling waste.

On this occasion, a company dedicated to the chemical industry encouraged its employees to spend a day clearing all kinds of waste (packaging, glass bottles, paper, cigarette butts…) from a beach in Malaga. The idea was very well received by the employees, who were committed to the company’s proposal.

On the day chosen to carry out the Trash Challenge, we met the participants at the meeting point to explain the procedure to be followed. Before starting the activity, we divided the group into different work teams and gave each team the task of cleaning up a specific area of the beach, for which they were to be responsible.

Creativando provided the teams with all the material required to collect the waste (rubbish bags, rakes, pincers, gloves and hand sanitiser).

After dividing up the areas and materials, the participants got down to work with this sustainable challenge, demonstrating their commitment to the chosen cause.

Persona recogiendo basura en playa de Málaga

After collecting the rubbish, it was time to recycle the collected waste. To make it easier for them to learn how to recycle correctly, we gave them a small instruction manual, which they appreciated and valued. Most people think they know how to recycle, but when they encounter such an activity, many doubts arise and they realise that this is not actually the case.

This collaborative activity was set up as a competition to motivate the employees to collect as much waste as possible. And they were certainly motivated! After an hour, we calculated the amount of material collected by each group (in kilos) and found that a lot of bags had been collected!

Dos integrantes del equipo de Creativando pesando bolsa de basura

The beach was left very clean after the challenge and the participants found it very rewarding, while feeling bonded as a group and connected to the company’s values.

Once the final count was complete, we gave each member of the winning team a diploma which they took home and which we are sure they will treasure as a souvenir of this special day.

At the end of the activity, we gathered the whole team together for a group photograph that would serve as a reminder of the involvement and cohesion of both the company and its employees, who worked as one when it came to looking after the environment around them and promoting sustainability.

This Team Building and Corporate Social Responsibility activity was full of solidarity, cooperation, teamwork and strong corporate values. This kind of CSR action to save the planet is a win-win for everyone, but above all, for the environment. We are sure that all the participants of this business challenge had a very enriching experience that they will not forget.