Discovery Van

This activity offers us an exceptional opportunity to discover “the other side of our destination” by ourselves. It is a unique way to go on a self-guided tour of the most unknown but most charming places in the area, aboard a 9-seater minivan and with the help of a detailed itinerary that will guide us through a specially designed itinerary for each case.

This format of visit will allow you to enjoy spaces, views, spots and places of exceptional beauty and charm, which otherwise would undoubtedly have gone unnoticed by any visitor.

Along the way, the teams will have to face different tests of ingenuity and skill that will undoubtedly make the journeys even shorter.

Obtaining certain photos and answering certain questions proposed in a careful and customised dossier, interacting with the locals and with our actors, is the perfect addition to an activity that combines a certain degree of competitiveness and teamwork with a unique way of being in contact with the landscape and the culture of your destination.


  • The route is fully customised according to destination, hotel, date and time.

  • The participants are the drivers.

  • Driving licences must be obtained in advance for each driver.

  • This can be done with cars, minivans or convertibles. Consult additional charges in each case.

  • During the route there will be different stops where you will be able to take photos, do activities, have tapas… It can be adapted according to your preferences.

  • It is not a competitive activity, so there is no need to race.

  • There will always be an additional support car.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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