Crazy Waiters

At a dinner party, the service and treatment provided by the waiters play a key role in ensuring that you have a pleasant evening.  But what would happen if the waiter serving you turned out to be extremely lazy, reckless and meddlesome? What if you saw two of the waiters around a corner making love to each other? What if one of them had a nervous twitch? What if you ordered soup and they brought you “special” fried eggs? Can you imagine a dinner party where all the waiters were completely bonkers?

Imagine them serving you the food of their choice, taking your cigarettes, drinking from the bottle, singing to the astonished gaze of the crowd or getting drunk and dancing.

Crazy waiters is a fabulous activity to test the nerves of your colleagues, everyone’s reactions and the empathy of the attendees. It is also a fabulous activity for small groups, as the waiter can be more discreetly in contact with the attendees and give them “more personal” treatment.

This is a fabulous activity to follow up with Cluedo, an escape room or any other gamified activity based on clues and puzzles with a storyline.

Believe us when we tell you that, thanks to our waiters, our dinners are an experience you won’t easily forget…


  • Test location: Outdoor / Indoor.

  • Duration of the activity: According to the client’s needs.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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