Flash Mob

Why not try this activity bursting with innovation, surprise and creativity? Always playing with the advantage of surprise, we will provide the participants with a dance choreographed by a professional in the sector who will teach the steps in a relaxed setting.

After the class, the group will be taken to the city to carry out their customised Flash Mob, involving all the observers on site and helping to spread the brand, thus spreading the word beyond the company’s scope.

A very dynamic and immersive activity whose objectives will be to bring the employees of the company together, synchronise and work together in a playful way.


  • Before the flash mob, a personalised choreography will be created for the chosen song.

  • A room will be required for rehearsals on the day of the event.

  • After the rehearsals, we will go out with the group to perform the dance in an emblematic place in the city.

  • Permits will be required depending on the location where the flash mob is to be performed.

  • The activity will be recorded in order to create a video montage of the final result.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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