The Great World Tournament

The Great World Tournament is an activity in which you will travel around the world through different competitive and collaborative activities. Each country has its own event which you must win in order to achieve the national seal. In the end, only the best will get a worthy passport to glory.

Brazil, Kenya, Germany, Egypt, France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Switzerland, England, Norway, Portugal and New Zealand are just some of the countries the participants will be able to visit.

The configuration of the world tournament can be customised by choosing different activities from a range of possibilities.

This Team Building activity is specially designed to have a great time, encouraging a competitive spirit, teamwork and the desire to succeed.


  • Teams of approximately 10 people will be formed and each team will be identified with a coloured bib and number.

  • The activity will last between 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on confirmed activities and rotation time.

  • Activity to be carried out at a country estate or at the beach.

  • Each team will have a rotation system so that they know which activity to do at any given time. All teams will carry out all the activities.

  • The activity can be competitive or non-competitive. If it is competitive, the winning team will be awarded a medal.

  • Refreshment point recommended.

  • 5 activities to choose from those offered in our catalogue.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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