Cheese Tasting

Our cheese tasting involves using your senses to analyse everything you can perceive about the cheese. Unlike the oil tasting, cheese is a difficult product to evaluate by means of a simple tasting.

There are two reasons for this: the need to chew the cheese in order to taste it and the variation of milk components throughout the year. Firstly, to taste the cheese you must chew it and mix it with your own saliva. This will release the flavours and aromas resulting from the fermentation of the micro-organisms in the cheese. On the other hand, the milk components vary throughout the year (weather conditions, animal feed, etc.). As a result, different textures and flavours are produced depending on these external factors.

The cheese tasting can be summarised in the measurement of different parameters: appearance, texture and the whole smell and taste based on the information obtained through your senses. The parameters to be considered are:

  • Appearance: Through sight, you can perceive characteristics both on the outside (rind, colour, shape, size) and on the inside (hollows, firmness).
  • Texture:  To appreciate texture, you must use your visual and auditory organs, as well as the tactile organs present on your fingers and in your mouth.
  • Smell and taste: Perhaps the most important part. You will perceive the smells, aromas, flavours and other sensations with which a cheese is correctly identified.

At this cheese tasting you will be able to taste different types of cheese and experience an incredible variety of textures and flavours. Do you dare to try the different cheeses and discover which one is your favourite? Contact us and we will help you choose the best cheeses for this activity.


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: None.

  • Test location: Outdoors.

  • Duration of the activity: To be consulted with the production department.

  • Includes coordinator to take you to the cheese tasting locations.

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