Iberian Ham Tasting

Tapas are popular among tourists and locals alike. Iberian ham is one of the distinctive Spanish gastronomic products, but do you really know all the secrets of this national treasure? Here is everything you need to know at our fantastic Iberian ham tastings.

You will be able to enjoy the different parts, textures, nuances and sensations that you can enjoy when tasting this magnificent product. Remember that you can combine this tasting with another tasting to enjoy twice as much Andalusian gastronomy, such as the cheese tasting.

A tasting to satisfy the most exquisite palates. Always accompanied by a Creativando monitor to give the best recommendations. Do you fancy trying one of Andalusia’s traditional dishes? Come and try new dishes that you won’t want to stop eating.

Each group will be able to choose the location for their Iberian ham tasting. It can be held at the same place or in different restaurants, bars, taverns or wineries to enjoy the exquisite delicacies that this region has to offer.


  • Number of people for the activity: Consult with the activities production department.

  • Test location: Outdoors.

  • Includes a coordinator from Creativando who will accompany you to the ham tasting.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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