Andalusian Workshops

With the characteristic Andalusian sense of humour, we offer this fun “approach” to Andalusian culture and way of life, our traditions and even our way of speaking.

Don’t hesitate to take part in different workshops to learn more about Andalusian culture and traditions. Learn how to dance sevillanas, how to make some of the most traditional local dishes from each destination, how to play a cajón (box drum) or a caña (cane with bells)… and an endless number of possibilities that we can prepare for you.

All the workshops are carefully designed and demonstrate the authenticity of the south.

This activity can be carried out in hotels, restaurants, country estates or any place where you want to add a special touch to your event.


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: 12 pax.

  • Test location: Outdoors.

  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours.

  • Includes one iPad per team (formed by 6 or 8 people), identification material, backpacks and Creativando staff to coordinate and organise the activity.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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