Wine Tasting

When you talk about Andalusia, especially in the south, you must talk about wine. We offer a unique opportunity to learn about the most representative wines of the Jerez region at the hands of an expert.

Our tasting is divided into different phases (sight, smell and taste). It is also guided and presented by a master taster, so that attendees can follow the tasting in detail and enjoy every second of it.

  • Sight: A little wine is poured and aspects such as clarity, intensity, colour (rosé, white and red wines) and others such as tears (if they fall slowly from the glass, they indicate that the density is high and the alcohol content is higher), bubbles, etc. are evaluated. This helps to detect any defects that may be present in the wine.
  • Smell: Hold the glass up to your nose and identify the primary aromas (grapes, nature…), swirl the glass a little and analyse the secondary aromas (smells produced by the fermentation of the grapes). Finally, swirl the glass again more vigorously and smell the tertiary aromas (usually fruity, vegetal aromas…). These are the most difficult to detect.
  • Taste: All the flavours (sweet, sour and bitter) must be perceived in all parts of the mouth, as there is a salty taste in wine. Whichever wine achieves a balance of these flavours is a rounded wine. We will also highlight the origin, its location, grape varieties, the price (affordable, average, high, superior) and the quality (poor, average, good or very good).

Once the guided tasting has been completed, we suggest a second blind tasting to test the knowledge acquired during the tasting. As a follow-up to the activity, you could do an Iberian ham tasting to give your palate a real treat.

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  • Minimum number of people for the activity: None.

  • Test location: Outdoors.

  • Duration of the activity: To be consulted with the production department.

  • Includes coordinator who will take you to the places where the wine tasting will take place.

Characteristics of this Team Building activity

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