Oil Tasting

Andalusia is the land of olive trees and olives. That is why it has a rich variety of oils, making our oil tasting activity a must. The oil tasting will allow you to discover the essence of Andalusia through its textures, colours, smells and flavours. In professional tastings, opaque glasses are used so that the taster is not influenced by the colour, although transparent glasses may also be used.

We suggest turning the oil tasting into a game, and using this game as tool for learning and culture. After a first tasting, we offer you the possibility of a second blind tasting to see if the participants have learned a little more about our region’s liquid gold. You can also combine it with a wine tasting, a well-known Andalusian product.

You can also visit the wine cellars, an opportunity you won’t want to miss! You can do the tasting accompanied by an expert or in a group to find out who knows the most about this Andalusian treasure. Contact Creativando and we will help you to create your perfect tasting with the best Andalusian products.

At Creativando we are committed to creative, original Team Building activities that are totally adapted to our clients’ needs. To us, nothing is impossible. Tell us what you need and we will surprise you.


  • Minimum number of people for the activity: None.

  • Test location: Outdoors.

  • Duration of the activity: To be consulted with the production department.

  • Includes coordinator who will take you to the places where the oil tasting will take place.

Characteristics of this activity

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